Alexis has been tattooing since 2000.  In 2003 she graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelors in fine arts. Her style varies from realism to abstract and "graphic" or "stylized" realism.  Alexis has mastered her career in tattooing, ranging anywhere from color and black & grey to cover-ups and camouflaging. She has tattooed at many shops in her career spanning from PA to Austin, TX.  Alexis proudly owns and operates Electric Cheetah Tattoos and Permanent Cosmetics.

In 2004 Alexis received her permanent cosmetics certification and has since being tattooing eyebrows, eyeliner, etc. Alexis for the past 9 years has been working with several plastic surgeons in the area to help women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery, utilizing her skills to create areolas and perform scar camouflaging.

Alexis travels to many tattoo conventions world wide and has received several awards such as tattoo of the day and best portrait tattoo.  She has been featured in magazines such as ink slingers, tattoo magazine along with local publications.  In 2012 she was featured on Oxygen channels "Best Ink" where she took second place for her efforts.


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